// FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you find a option an frequently asked questions to use and registred on zisssa.com.

How long is a ad for free?

One ad from your lodging is for an indefinite period gratis.

What is: (Enter the string from the image here:)?

On the left side from the input field, did you see the string(genereted by accident) on these image.

You must enter the sring in the input field right.

The Image is a prevention for Spambots.

I have read in your Terms of Use over "Credits". What is that?

Credits is a virtuality payment method on zisssa.com
There is for to book a extra options and there for you need Credits.

Extra options are:
- extra advertisements

How did the procedure of registration at zisssa.com?

After they to fill the registration-form, will we send a email(automatic process) with your access data and activation-key.

In order to activate your account, you must follow the link. After they you must login and now can you publish your entry.

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